The Clinical Picture from the Chinese Medicine (TCM) Point of View

Fibromyalgia Syndrome - FMS

Patients who come down with Fibromyalgia often just are passed on to the psychiatrist. The Chinese Medicine regards the syndrome primarily as a somatic disturbance. According to it, fibromyalgia is based on erroneous trends during the immune control. It usually starts with "not successfully" passed infections.
The main condition of a successful therapy of Fibromyalgia with Chinese Medicine is the comprehensive insight into the case history and the constellation of diseases of the individual patient.
Also hardly reminded infections which were passed during the childhood are of importance. Using individually composed formulas of plant medicine, former infections are step by step and once again animated. The goal is to enable the patient himself to eliminate rheumatic processes over the mucous membranes instead of stepping again and again into a flickering cold feeling and remaining stucked there.
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