The Clinical Picture from the Chinese Medicine (TCM) Point of View


Therapy Progress

The therapy goal is reached if the patient is free from complaints. On the way there it occurs frequently that former infects come up once more and have to be passed again. This happens in a reciprocal order what means that recently passed or younger infects come up again first, and the fomer, older infects, thereafter.
As a solide entrance into the therapy, a stationary treatment of three to five weeks is not only reliable, but often just necessary since the crises which are caused by the therapy can be violent and require an intensive employment of the methods. The physician for his part needs the stationary situation in order to recognize how the patient reacts to the different treatment options. After this period a subsequent ambulatory treatment of up to five years, depending on the degree of the illness, has to be assumed until healing is reached.
The therapy success of the Fibromyalgia which the TCM-Clinic "Klinik am Steigerwald" could reach when using the methods of TCM is amazing. To date, for about two third of all treated cases a long-term improvement is documented.
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